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Minimalist Wood Coffee table – Kaari table by the Finnish designer Johani Horelli

Minimalist wooden coffee table – Table Kaari by the Finnish designer Johani Horelli
Kaari table is the work of Finnish designer Johani Horelli. This is a beautiful work of art and creativity and inspiration of the author through the wonderful nature of his …

Extravagant Ferrari designer coffee table by Molinelli

Table tree trunk – great art piece in the living room

Wooden tables on recycled newspapers
Setting accents in the room is an ideal way to ensure warmth and comfort in the room. The use of tree trunks as furniture has become extremely strong in Populairität this season. There are several elements that can …

Selected coffee tables and sofas from auto parts

Industrial style furniture
They seem to be moving, but they remain in our hearts! The cars are a special property of mankind. They can be found in all sizes, shapes and styles. When creating Eva is considered the elite of God, and big …

Cool Designer coffee tables by Glas Italia – Attractive collection of coffee tables

Coffee tables by Glas Italia fresh design – beautiful collection of tables
The authors of this website have been clear to people who look at the world through rose-colored glasses. We are also aware of the different approaches for doing so. But they …

40 Coffee Table Design Ideas – Your home can look beautiful

Great design ideas coffee table for everyone
Today we are original and attractive design coffee table to present 40 ideas that your home can add a quaint bar. Sometimes only an inspiring piece of something to give color and beauty of the piece …

Oval Coffee Tables leave your living room look more aesthetic

Clean lines and durable materials make the perfect coffee table
Beautiful table, wooden coffee table and upholstered furniture is an essential part in any contemporary style home. Here we try to offer various design ideas and oval coffee tables, so you can make …

Round coffee table – the eye-catcher in your living room

Round coffee tables play a very special role in interior decoration
It comes in the choice of a low round less taste than anything else table. For such a low table should be selected in special cases where we want to complete the …