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Original homemade costumes

Celebrate Carnival with style
Carnival is an unforgettable moment with your family! Children are very happy, if they are allowed to choose their costumes and try. For parents, this is a special occasion to let the everyday activities supported us to have fun. …

20 Ideas Carnival and Carnival costumes

The history of Mardi Gras Carnival
Rural South and West Germany are rich in traditions. Costumes dating from the early Middle Ages. The history of the Germans is very refined and carefully preserved. At no time is that more apparent during Carnival, the …

100 ideas for Carnival costumes – be different!

Looking for new ideas for costumes
Carnival is a festival that brings a lot of fun for the whole family. All take part in the work of carnival and feel comfortable together, for the preparation of large masks and funny costumes. The forward …

Pocahontas Costume – Mardi Gras Costumes for Women

Tinker your own costume!
Apart from that, if you prepare for the carnival or just for entertainment Pocahontas proves to be a great heroine. Here we give you some suggestions on how you can tinker costume P ocahontas. Our idea of craft is …