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Cool caravans for Pets – Designer dog house on wheels

Dog designed by Judson Beaumont exclusive home
Judson Beaumont Canada is known worldwide for his unique pieces of furniture and art objects. But what few people know him, he is a lover of exceptional animals, and that is reason enough for his collection …

Architecture for Dogs – strange beds, kennels and toys

Designer collection assembled by Kenya Hara dogs
Do you have a pet? If yes, then you are at right place. Have you ever thought to design an original piece of furniture for your critters? Japanese designer Kenya Hara has designed a project that …

Cool dog bed in shape of a shoe

Innovative playful design bed for your dog
Pets, especially dogs to tear, eat, and overall use our shoes as toys. Why can not we live (even the smaller breeds) not inside? Yes, now it is quite possible with the huge dog bed shaped …