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Bedroom color ideas for a moody atmosphere

What are the colors correspond to the bedroom?
Regarding the design of the room, we put a special emphasis on the color palette. It is no coincidence that we are dealing with shades so intense and wall colors, because colors have a strong …

Feng Shui Bedroom design – tips and images

Feng Shui Bedroom
We all want to feel comfortable in our rooms, or ?! Everyone wants at the end of the work day have a soothing and serene atmosphere at home. Unfortunately we leave almost no time to create harmony and balance in …

Bedrooms in Scandinavian style ideas

Scandinavian style bedrooms
Scandinavian style comes in many features of the interior and exterior, as well as many types of decorative benefits. After the many articles we have written on the Scandinavian style, we also had several requests from you, our readers. They …