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Roof terrace design ideas, examples and important aspects

Ideas for the design of roof terrace – you create a small natural oasis in downtown
Do you have an attic, then you probably have a roof terrace. Are they big or small, is not so important, because apart from its size, you …

Flowers and plants for the balcony – create gorgeous, fresh atmosphere

Flowers and plants for the balcony – create beautiful, cool atmosphere
If you live in an urban apartment with a balcony or terrace? Are you one of those people who have free time to pursue your hobbies and also grow plants like. balcony …

Modern terrace design – cool lounge furniture outdoor

The conversion of your terrace into an exciting show for outdoor use
Oh, the outdoor living room! It sounds like a dream job in a station remove health, is not it? But today, we have the team of new ideas we have set …