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Decorating ideas for porch or balcony

Solutions for outdoor furniture
Spring is coming soon and you need to do a recreation area comfortable outside in the hot sun. There you can enjoy your morning coffee, received his good friends or just relax in peace. Apart from that, if you …

Hanging indoor plants – pictures of inciting hanging baskets

Garden ideas in autumn – bring your potted plants indoors!

Your garden in autumn
Advice and wonderful and lively ideas for your garden in the fall of autumn! This is just the other side of the spring. The two actually happen at the same time but in different places in the world. …

Roof terrace design – 30 examples of green oases on the terrace

Terrace design examples – you draw inspiration and design a wellness oasis on your patio

design examples terrace – 40 inspiring ideas
To make an outdoor oasis, our goal is each summer. Much has been written about, discussed and presented shows. Here are some of our previous articles that offer ideas and images of attractive terraces and cozy …

Balcony design plan – 30 correctly startling furnishing ideas

Create a recreational area on the small balcony
It should be noted some key elements in the design of the balcony to create a beautiful oasis in the comfortable air for spring and hot summer hot days. Depending on how much time you …

55 Balcony Greenery Ideas – Choose flowers for balcony and arrange

We all love nature and plants, but not all of us have a garden where we can develop our favorite flowers and plants
Therefore, proves to be a balcony alternative. It is the place where you can enjoy a morning coffee and a …

Terrace design ideas – 10 relaxing themes for outdoor use

10 inspiring design ideas terrace
Outside rooms that are designed to relax into it. It may therefore be a topic that you already have inside more. But often awakens the idea of ​​thematic characteristics of the outer region of false associations. One thinks …

Indoor palm images – which are the typical types of palm trees?

Images indoor palm trees – palm species can decorate your home fabulous
Even if you live in a city apartment and do not have a garden, you can enjoy the fresh plants. Indoor plants can significantly affect the interior and freshen the atmosphere …

Modern terrace design for your city apartment – three great examples

Large terraces of the city to the constraint
If you live in a big city? So you probably know by experience how great it is when you have a green terrace. But how do you this is not an easy question! Because you …