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Luxury Villa Valtanen of Arkkitehtitoimisto Louekari

Luxury villa Valtanen of Arkkitehtitoimisto Louekari
This cabin is an inexpensive building Arkkitehtitoimisto Louekari which is located in Rovanniemi, Lapland. It is a wooden structure that sits on a rock overlooking the forest, which consists of a living room, a sauna …

Unusual Houses around the world

World are fascinating, unusual homes
In our world, there are many unusual and extraordinary homes can be called a home. Some people live in caves, others on yachts and other at an altitude of over 2000 m above the level of the sea. …

Designed Urban Thermal Design of Smolenicky & Partner Architecture

Modern Architecture – Hotel in reserve in Africa

Modern architecture in Africa
Do you want to spend your next vacation in a place where the experience is truly unique and natural both ultra exotic? Or maybe you want to find inspiration for your own living space outside such a place? If …

Ingenious house design offers protection against flooding

Ingenious design of the house provides protection against floods
The flood-proof house is one of the most effective and interesting that I've seen so far projects. Designed by an American studio, the flooding is proof Peek Ancona, San Francisco, more than a fascinating …

House facade underline – all bring rainbow colors to use

Front of the house underscore – disparate examples from around the world
How do you highlight your front of the house – one, two or more colors? Most people choose a subtle color for your front of the house – …

Modern apartment with vibrant color palette in the Romanian capital Bucharest

Modern apartment with living color pallet
The minimalist interior design, extraordinary color palette and futuristic furniture transform this apartment in a lively and friendly atmosphere with a modern and contemporary touch. The apartment is located in the Romanian capital Bucharest and hießt designer …

30 inspiring container houses – container shipping Designs

30 houses inspiring containers
Shipping container homes have everything you need, what you need at home. They are modern, efficient and environmentally friendly to do so. The projects presented here are called solar architecture with passive cooling, green roofs, individual heating and photovoltaics …

Modern Japanese Family House – sustainable architecture and great design

Modern Japanese individual
A home design is still based on the balance between environmental conditions and the outcome. Lying in Melbourne this colorful, innovative home Andrew Maynardan is designed and developed. The combination of roof cantilevered natural and fresh contemporary look and creates …

Modern house residence located in the Western Cape Province of SAOTA

Modern apartment house located in the Western Cape province SAOTA
You can see from the Cove 6 project done by SAOTA photos – was created Stefan Antoni Architects Olmesdahl Truen. This is a modern residence which is located in the province of Western …