Garten & Pflanzen - You have a penchant for hanging plants? - Hanging flower pots on the porch

You have a penchant for hanging plants? – Flower pots hanging on the porch

Here you can about possible container materials at the lowest and maintenance, according to the different ways to learn more about the hanging floral arrangements for the rich and lush to your porch or patio design look. Who is in love with the lights hanging wave flowers and green leaves full? This type of gardening containers are a charming addition to your porch, your patio, terrace or your garden arbor – and easy to make, provided that you are familiar with the tricks of the right thing. Below, we provide some tips on planting your hanging baskets and keeping them in the state of development and prosperity throughout the season. Exposure

Different types of ships with different irrigation schedules

Gartengestaltung - You have a penchant for hanging plants? - Hanging flower pots on the porch The display bases. To generate your hanging baskets, you can use both plastic pots with hanging baskets wire lined with coconut fiber and rattan baskets and containers of ceramics, with glass specially attached to hooks. Then an idea like that of the "good things" that must be used, it is in fact not at all – it is mostly a matter of aesthetics and the view of what you want. Note, however, that you should expect for the different ship types with different irrigation schedules, because the soil in each of them will have uneven time to dry. Almost all small plants that usually grow in earth, it is also used in traffic lights You have a penchant for hanging plants? - Hanging flower pots on the porch Looking beautiful it more, but are characterized by the tendency of those who have not a model of rigid vertical growth, but rather a habit slightly down, or falling curve. Choose favorite plants such as ivy, Efeutute, ferns, succulents, vines and annuals such as petunias, impatiens, geraniums, Calibrachoa, Lobelia, and fuchsia. The group of varieties that you should avoid also include all plants with unusual sizes, from hanging baskets, in principle, rarely exceed reserves 30-60 cm in diameter. Do not use plants with very specific requirements or difficult maintenance such as orchids and bromeliads Tillandsia, which could complicate the job for Aufrecherhaltung equipment is recommended, plants with extensive root system, trees and shrubs – .. Even if they are dwarf – chorus You have a penchant for hanging plants? - Hanging flower pots on the porch Drainage. The conditions and drainage techniques varies considerably, depending on what type of material your hanging baskets were made. The metal container coating with coconut fiber are almost dry by itself; ceramic pots hanging, however, may keep too much moisture; while the jars, plastic offers a happy Dränagemedium. If you use coconut fiber coating, remember, first set a plastic mat on the floor of the traffic lights and only then add soil and plants – this will keep some of the water under the ground, where it will be accessible to the roots dry out before completely restructured. But if you use ceramic vessels, you must cover the bottom of the container with a layer of pebbles before providing any land and all plants that continue to water the plants sparingly to protect them from decay, and even choosing plants who prefer a little more moisture, so finally you know you've done something that counterbalances the lack of drainage holes. I'm not a big fan of plastic pots, especially in terms of hanging container plants and flowers in which the behavior of the material so that the bottom of each plastic container and Kunststoffaufhängevorrichtungen are free to flaunt. However, there are some things I used to hide where they prove to be the best choice. I use long vines such as ivy, petunias, and Calibrachoa Süßkartoffelrebe that invade the saucepan and cover completely. The original plastic hangers I replace with Christmas lights. Only a few minor improvements interventions can transform the boring plastic container into something much more attractive. Sun Direct flared plants will probably even watering regime twice a day You have a penchant for hanging plants? - Hanging flower pots on the porch Irrigation. The soil in hanging baskets dry usually much faster than in the garden, then you must be ready to turn off your plants every day, unless they are extraordinarily dry love. (Once in the morning and once in the evening), so they are adequately hydrated. If you accidentally skipped a day or two and suddenly find Sears soil and plants completely dry, remove the lights and try very slowly to irrigate inside the container repeating adequate rehydration of the earth, the procedure several times. Maybe you want to cut the leaves or flowers need to let the plants back to forces, if they are too well drained. They may also have drip irrigation and connected to each hanging basket a small pipe system – however this option will be more effective if you have multiple lights simultaneously watering. The pipeline is expected to pair it with your cock – tube systems are forked pay the required amount of water and transmitted efficiently between traffic lights. Although you can see on the pages of the pillars on your porch or patio uninterrupted black pipes, but if you really bother such a show, it's probably not the best option for you. Whatever the container in which they grow, your need plants, especially annual nutrient starvation, regular fertilization You have a penchant for hanging plants? - Hanging flower pots on the porch Fertilization. You must know that in the potted soil nutrients are leached faster, giving you equal to the task imposed, to take care of appropriate fertilizer and timely additions, so that your plants remain in good health and develop. However, be careful and take the right not to overdo the fertilizer, as it is harmful to plants in such cases and may prevent flowering. It is advisable to use any soluble fertilizer use in water, or formulas that have been developed especially for the needs of your specific plant breeding. For successful for my annual plant species normally require a greater amount of nutrients in the soil, I want to add immediately after the implantation of the soil fertilizer; So I give you an additional grant them that they can take throughout the growing season. Can fertilize monthly or when the solution is diluted to half-strength, also held weekly. This is particularly true flowering annuals, which need a lot of nutrients. Ferns, succulents and cactus, you must follow the instructions on the package, but in most cases, monthly fertilization would be quite enough. Some experts advise that you should use for the purposes of traffic lights , high quality compost, while others hit the ground There is a growing outdoors
You have a penchant for hanging plants? - Hanging flower pots on the porch Instructions for planting. Always make sure to combine all these plants, which offer the best growth, the same requirements in terms of sunlight and water. You never würen plant impatiens always thirsty with drought tolerant cactus, right? Although both types are really extreme, it is probably true that each plant has a preference for light and water, so be important to plan the design of your lights accordingly. But it is much more important to choose such Erdformel is most appropriate for the species of plants you vorzegozen – if for example you are going to plant cacti or succulents, it is recommended that the soil mix to more rapid drying inappropriate to use. Take the earth, but never directly from your garden, because this soil type will be no way for decent drying in a container. For a casual look in a cottage style, you can try mixing in the same fire a variety of flowers and leaves of green foliage, if you have not chosen a more elegant and modern aesthetic composition, so you might think of a single species of plant and – color container. A series of similar flowers or plants harmonious is much more consistent than watching Melange, but it is also true that the charm of traffic lights, bursting with more varied, most lush plants and hanging flower tendrils that they literally overflowing, is simply undeniable. porch design designed the US You have a penchant for hanging plants? - Hanging flower pots on the porch Design. There are a few different methods you can simulate a designer engaged in compiling your own hanging baskets. One way is to choose a single type (eg, purple petunias or asparagus), you planted in each of the baskets in large quantities. Uniform color and the concept of homogeneous plantation already cause a more powerful remote and elegant, modern or many programs and mixed variants appear. Indeed However, if you prefer flowers, here we share the simple rule of thumb that great designers, You have a penchant for hanging plants? - Hanging flower pots on the porch Select a plant with bright colors vertical growth that has already formed flowers (eg. As a red geranium), then add several hanging plants (eg. As Lobelia) added to remove the jagged edge hardness of traffic lights and give your package the final touch by vines and leaves cascading (eg. as ivy or Süßkartoffelrebe). Different heights, patterns and colors forming an impressive growth braid plant that delights the viewer and links. The secret formula to group the plants in your advice to hang suspended in particular to find the best positions basket. You have a penchant for hanging plants? - Hanging flower pots on the porch What to do with the hanging basket? The border areas of your porch is a perfect place, and fence posts, deck and patio awnings edges. Avoid installing your hanging in such places, where anyone can run against them, as especially in the central area of ​​the ceiling or at the entrance to your home or other buildings, or additions baskets. Do not forget to attach the lights still on beams or pillars, which can withstand their weight, especially flower pots of water are often very difficult to fill. Thus, the overall look is both uniform and tidy as reveals the architectural qualities of your apartment in a nice way, it would be more appropriate, rather allocate hanging baskets open your porch or your rod along, as they hang arbitrarily here and there. Comfortable seating on the veranda You have a penchant for hanging plants? - Hanging flower pots on the porch . The hangers and brackets to hang hanging baskets are available in any hardware or home improvement stores available in abundance – read the instructions and remember for each size hook or clamp weight restrictions that must be observed. When you shop, you must be sure you have felt the weight of your hanging baskets and well used by these comments in advance to select your item. Most medium lights are certainly not weigh more than 4.5 kg of good, but it applies in all cases as safer to use technical aids and devices that can carry a bit more than the actual weight of your hanging baskets . For planters hanging from a horizontal air structure, tel. From the upper edge of the porch brackets are the appropriate solution, while most of the container commemorating sit on the construction of vertical structures such as fences and walls, supports more appropriate. You have a penchant for hanging plants? - Hanging flower pots on the porch • Before installing the screw your hooks or clips, defined using a drill to use, in the same respective slightly smaller screw, first each time a pilot hole. This emergence of cracks and crevices in the surrounding wood is prevented and the screw seat, which is very important for safety, guaranteed. • Press after the threaded end of the screw in the hole by turning clockwise until the screw is tightened and the hook is flush with the ceiling. The installation procedure parentheses is basically the same, except that you still have to tighten the screws a bit with the drill or screwdriver to specific points to win. So what you plant now? Discover our offers 6 superstar species of annual plants for hanging baskets and pots here. Gartengestaltung - You have a penchant for hanging plants? - Hanging flower pots on the porch Have you created your hanging baskets in full glory? Show us a picture of it with a download in the comments section! You have a penchant for hanging plants? - Hanging flower pots on the porch