The holidays are finally here, and with them their past with family and friends, beautiful evenings. Here are some tips to make your patio enjoying the outdoors, regardless of the size.

Versatility and Optics

If your yard is urban, between two buildings, for example, opt for furniture, sculptural and versatile to meet your various activities are to be accommodated. If the light is fleeting, ask your choice shrubs and evergreens, more robust than the flowers of the season. Outside - Tips to enjoy your terrace Indoor comfort outside … Feel free to enter your outdoor decor with include textiles, carpets, for example, define the many different areas of a scene or curtains and drapes, preserve your privacy from your neighbors. Several products are available in materials. For outdoor use, however it is best to store your luggage in lockers or in a shed in the shower, so that they are willing to serve the good weather is back design tips - Tips to enjoy your terrace Try painting Want some personality, your patio or give worn not very impressive? Some templates and exterior painting and hop reinvented here! Patio - Tips to enjoy your terrace The bigger the better ?? Ladies and gentlemen, I am writing to you to this, what do you think of outdoor kitchens and oversized barbecue think? Has the bigger the better? I know I'm really a practical and complete, but not at the expense of not want to get to the food court. Tips to enjoy your terrace Grass or tiles? A dilemma of all time (well …! Maybe not, but still) The choice between grass and stone tiles or cement is one that endures. If your garden receives little natural light and the grass does not grow despite your repeated efforts, opt for tiles that are easy to maintain and clean. They are also perfect to create a modern and contemporary look in the garden. Tips to enjoy your terrace