Tips to develop a city garden

Outside - Tips to develop a city garden Whether you own or rent, blooming its action is definitely one of the little joys of summer. Besides flowers and vegetables are popular! And no need to live in the suburbs to have well filled a nice big garden and / or vegetable garden. If you live in the city and have a backyard with limited space know that you can create a beautiful garden by the pots and planters! Here are some tips to organize your own garden city.

Terrace and balcony

The terraces and balconies are great places to create gardens in pots. Because they are limited to maximize sunlight and every square meter is available with vertical space. A series of pots of different heights, wooden boxes or raised flower boxes hanging from the railing of the balcony are all interesting alternatives! Landscaping - Tips to develop a city garden Source: Flickr

The staircase

Is not original factory carbon in terracotta pots and put them on every step of the entrance stairs? If you know the plant, know that they are fashionable, trendy home! The effect is to offer more inviting for a delicious harvest in late summer. design tips - Tips to develop a city garden

Source: Love Taza

The modern city garden

Amazingly, cement and green go hand in hand, especially if they create a relaxing oasis in a very urban environment. To soften the angles formed by the wealth of plates and cement pots, place flowers in the form of spheres, such as hydrangeas and boxwood. decorating ideas - Tips to develop a city garden Source: Desire to Inspire

Of nature in the city

Wood is a material very easy to work with, which instantly adds a natural touch to any small town farm. For example, the treated wood is an inexpensive way to create a "green wall", where you grow plants or relocate the boxes are raised as a vegetable garden. Garden - Tips to develop a city garden Source: Veggie Buntch green and treated wood are all set to create an urban garden with unique design combination! Tips to develop a city garden
Source: Workshop paper

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