The winter was particularly long this year. I do not know what you're thinking, but the urge all ready to enjoy the nice weather to get to and the outside is more than noticeable! Therefore, to greet and enjoy the summer, I offer some tips for decorating a terrace Then there is only one word. Enjoying! Summer 2014 trends - Tips to decorate a terrace Via DigsDigs

Put green!

After I gray and white for months, create your landscape! Use plants and shrubs to come demarcation relaxation away from prying eyes. You might as well come to hide an unsightly architectural element. Tips to decorate a terrace Via Architectural Digest
Some varieties of plants and shrubs have the ability to ward off certain pests. Lemongrass for example, by its odor, naturally repel mosquitoes! Tips to decorate a terraceTips to decorate a terrace About Target. Spring / Summer 2014 accessories available in store.
Carpet $ 129.99, lanterns from $ 11.99

Bet on accessories

As you probably already know, decorative accessories are the icing on the cake. Cheaper than furniture, they will improve your layout and life. Tips to decorate a terrace Via DigsDigs For several years, companies have recognized this and offer a variety of decorative elements for outdoor use made. Rugs, pillows, candles, pots, lanterns … you spoiled for choice! Tips to decorate a terraceTips to decorate a terrace Home Bunch Via Branca Rotelli

Create zones according to their functions

Outside and inside, have areas defined by their use could help you arrange and decorate your exterior. In fact, by setting up rooms according to their functionality in order to go out with joy! , So you do not miss a corner for rest room, dining area near the grill for a very practical side and a play area, the kids could for example show you the way to the scene. Tips to decorate a terraceTips to decorate a terraceTips to decorate a terrace Via MYSA decoratrix, East Coast Queen

To color car!

You are out, it's okay, everything is green, take the opportunity to stock up on the color. You can choose from five colors hottest summer or decline your favorite color. The selected colors to improve your deck, giving him punch! The choice of one 2-color accents to get your garden furniture or other outdoor furniture you already have enough. Otherwise Station on the Pizza effect! Tips to decorate a terrace Via Perfect home

Place a topic

They fear they scatter and end up with a patchwork decor? Post a topic! This will serve as a guide and accompany you while shopping for designing your outdoor decor. Tap into your travel memories, imagine a harmonious theme suitable for what you already have. Tips to decorate a terrace Via Rubicon Construction Good decor, happy shopping, and I wish you to enjoy the spring and summer!