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The simple truth about the details of modern architecture

They may seek to make cheap and easy, but the door jamb and -paneelen need a precise hand. One of the projects in which I participated was the extension of the house of a building at 1970 North Shore suburb of Chicago. This home has all the features of modern construction: large glass walls, the door jamb, gently sloping roof with interior roof drains. All of these detailed plans are not typical of the architectural style of the projects I work most of the time. Therefore, and because we wanted to have a great building expansion without transition, I had a lot of fun building this modern home. What is clear is that the construction of a modern house of this size will cost more than a comparable traditional home. You might think that the obvious lack of detail that makes the project more profitable. Since you are, but evil. Here are some modern architectural details and how they were managed. The ceiling The ceiling is a modern classic element. An example of this is when the base is set at the same level as the top drywall, but separated by an air gap between them or reveal. This detail is classically modern. Although each party is free to move, which is at the same level. And is functional, since the base is resistant to fingerprints.

Although this is a very cute little detail, it takes a lot of work

The simple truth about modern architectural details First, there usually display two layers of drywall, as a layer usual, which of course doubled the cost of these walls. The bottom layer of drywall you installed from floor to ceiling, and many other works in drywall. First, the outer layer or top of drywall is a decorative panel of special form. The point is the section of the outer leg to get perfectly straight and uniform. The ceiling can also be used to emphasize the door opening set The simple truth about modern architectural details The construction of the amount of the door frame is much more complex than the base. And just like the base is also producing a uniform law reveal that blends into the frame level, not an easy task. Need to do the first part of the door frame to be used, only then you can start with the installation of drywall. This does not mean the normal technical process and can make an inexperienced builder of the series. Of course, the additional material and extra work of adding. According to what has been selected for a coating material of the wall as an element can certainly add more project cost up to 40 euros per square meter. And there it is! This is the plaster is made between the treads and risers. Just creates the illusion that the staircase disappears behind the wall. As with other soffits have here yet another layer of drywall and crafts accurate The simple truth about modern architectural details The panels of the door, the other member is modern door panels with upper and lower pivot bearing and the conventional butterfly hinges. The swing bearings are fixed on both the ground and on the upper door frame. This technique allows the door and the wall on the same plane in a position The simple truth about modern architectural details With the doors closed, the wall has a uniform appearance and certainly a modernist line. And when the door is open … … it's like a big sign, if one of many, where the wall is, what it opens. Architecturally, the door acts as a part of the wall, unlike the traditional design. The door seems to be completely separate from the John Lum Architecture, Inc. The simple truth about modern architectural details In fact, in the traditional architecture of the door is more than a piece proclaims the connection between the rooms. In the modern aesthetic of the door is subject. This hinges and installation cost is usually more than the usual expenses. For a set of butterfly-hinged high quality you pay about 37.00 euros for the swing bearing and you expect to 147.00 euros expected to do so. The front of the window Another feature of modern architecture Glasfassade.Im the system compared to a wood frame, you can ask the system vitrified aluminum frame with a much smaller extent profiles and supporting members area. The result would be "floor to ceiling" and "wall to wall" – The glazing system glass dematerialized three walls and thus the total area of the house. The simple truth about modern architectural details The name comes from the fact that provided as most of these systems are used for the construction of facades, object is to maximize the viewing area. In the manufacture of glass packaging is not too high as a result of a square meter in comparison with ordinary windows cost. Excessive size of the window in the wall of a modern house, however, means that the percentage increase in the cost of glass and glazing. The low ceilings
What would be the modern home, without food, low ceilings? These limits require special attention, as if the design and planning is wrong, they may also be leaking. Graphite gray and bright, warm wood Nuance The simple truth about modern architectural details And because the gutters and down pipe will ruin the entire exterior architecture, to use modern designers usually internal roof drains to drain water from the roof. To direct water to the drains and away from the overflow of the external walls, roofs usually have a parapet or a low wall along the entire roof. The parapet derives not only water from the roof, but also hides the field edge and roof. A parapet outside of the roof is the same flat and straight shape, it does not otherwise. The rectangular Finally, the modernist house is built in a form that is generally rectangular and square. The outer sides of the boxes are coated with materials that give a uniform appearance which does not precipitate the overall shape. The right horizontal coating, almost transparent wall system typical panel. Generally, fiber cement used so that an entire appearance is created. Note. Applying Leibungstechnik between panels With Reveal the inner and outer sides you get the consistency of the element just the mark of a modern home. The simple truth about modern architectural details