Yes, you read that right, did I mention the word "autumn" in the title of this post. Can you believe that summer is already behind us, and we are preparing for the fall and cool nights welcome? But do not worry, winter is still far and will be particularly warm and comforting with autumn decoration trends. I propose today the scoop on five strong decorating trends autumn 2014, you'll soon see in magazines and decor shops.

1 Deco geometric pattern

Fall fashion - The decorating trends fall 2014 Source: decor8 interpreted geometric prints all the rage in the fall of 2014 in the trendy shops since last spring, madness, uncluttered look for a Scandinavian or otherwise under very punchées colors for a look more "Navajo" Noticed trapezoids and parallelograms our school notebooks of yesteryear are now found in the living room or bedroom. They also love to nurseryware for a modern and trendy look.

2 Black in the kitchen

design tips - The decorating trends fall 2014 Source: Freshome After several seasons of all-white "kitchen labs" dressed, is the return of the black surprisingly more than refreshing. That is, no need to repaint all provided your cabinets; You can only add that dark color in a small dose, with ceramic backsplash or wall with paint "painting" covered effect.

3 colored gemstones

Color - The decorating trends fall 2014 Source: Pinterest ruby, sapphire, emerald and peridot, spot colors are popular this season. Side by side they each other accents in the room, through the kitchen and the bathroom. No part is forbidden, a "jewel" button belong in this season.

4 The Color Purple and velvet

decorating ideas - The decorating trends fall 2014 Source: Hutchison in the mainstream of colored gemstones trend the color purple is the color that stands as a beacon of autumn. After Radiant Orchid last spring (Pantone Color of the Year 2014), we find this fall color in the same family, but this time much more saturated and rich. Pair with the maroon, orange or cream for a sophisticated and warm look. For a touch extremely glamorous, emphasize your sofa with pillows in purple velvet.

5 metallic accents

Design Trends - The decorating trends fall 2014 Source: Cape Cod pin we saw last spring return of the metallic accents in the decoration. After years of galvanized steel and brushed matt, now is the return of shiny surfaces. What continues to develop and grow as a result of furnishing trends this season is the presence of metallic structures other than simple accessories formats. So we see the entire list splashback tiles made of silver or gold, copper and shiny fittings made in a round ball, and even carpets with shiny hair. A trend that is certainly not shy, but give only as much light and brightness in a room that can not be ignored.