When it's time, your home, there he has furniture that are indispensable and important? Classic furniture that you buy once and you can keep your time to give him a variety of applications. Well, the answer is yes and I will before five of them. Decorating tips - The 5 essential furniture

The half moon console

Versatile shaped like a half moon into smaller parts, the console is my first major furniture. Accommodate the input key and email, it is very convenient. They move, and no longer have input? Place them in a long corridor, to break the monotony and put it in a lamp to add extra lighting. Another nice place, where the highlight is increasing in the bedroom as a bedside table, where his delicate lines and its height, the proportions of the room. design tips - The 5 essential furniture

The sofa

Old or modern, the bed is a very versatile piece of furniture. In the living room, where they are well suited to the game is, it has well positioned vis-à-vis with two small chairs or sofa with another twin. It is also very pleasant in the hall, if space permits, put his boots instead of traditional bank. I also really the dining room or in the breakfast area of ​​the kitchen bench as unusually happy. The 5 essential furniture

The chest of drawers

The chest is one of the first pieces of furniture we buy our departure from the family home. Why? For it is one of the most practical pieces of furniture that are out there. Providing large amounts of storage, it also adds height to a room and provides a surface for placing decorative accessories. One can easily imagine but in the space image, that it is also in the dining room as a buffet or in the hallway furniture as input. The 5 essential furniture

The dining table

Round, rectangular, oval or square table dining room offers many forms, such as different uses. Our current activities changed the traditional role of the dining room. Sometimes improvised desk or work table for the kids homework, craft area or family dinner, the dining room table is a must. Take the time to give you based on the space you have and choose activities that you want to do there. The 5 essential furniture

The Shepherdess

Despite the look of yesterday, the shepherdess is very relevant today. Studded, padded with fat, or vintage fabric is just covered, the shepherdess is furniture that is very versatile. In the living room for a large dining table near the fireplace in the room and also the shepherdess is inviting. Its classic shape is sure not to go out of style, only his recovery to follow fads.