Terrace: inspiration and trends

From the illumination by the selected furniture flooring, fit our terrace is not an easy task. Here are some trends to inspire you. Outside - Terrace: inspiration and trends Think anchored outside lighting with lanterns, lights or balls to the wall, as the cement wall of this heavenly pool. Source: Anthony Exter decorating ideas - Terrace: inspiration and trends In the outdoor living in the house to leave, and if the structure of the house is good, enjoy destroy the courtyard wall and replaced it with a curtain wall ... window. Source: Elle Decor inspirations - Terrace: inspiration and trends

The famous American designer Celery Kemble has a courtyard, cozy and inviting, created to nothing more than a roof in Manhattan. Like what, it is not necessary to have a large outdoor space to create a small green garden. Source: Business Blog Patio - Terrace: inspiration and trends An English garden anyone? Surrounded by brick walls and a terrace paving stones on the ground "herringbone", the court was enough to make us want. Source: Fleaing France Trends in 2013 - Terrace: inspiration and trends A small, modern and tidy urban terrace. The soil of treated wood was painted gray to add a contemporary look to the room. Note that wait a year before painting treated wood after installation to give it time to dry properly. Source: House & Home Design Trends - Terrace: inspiration and trends In a hillside built, this ingenious arrangement advantage of the height difference increases by creating layers of gravel. Source: House Plans Terrace: inspiration and trends A courtyard tropical look in Quebec? Absolutely! Only some wrought iron furniture coating sand-colored coral and tropical plants were needed to achieve it. Source: Houzz Terrace: inspiration and trends A fire pit with a modern twist redesigned. Entirely of stone, gas fireplace that is both beautiful and warm. Perfect for cool summer evenings. Source: Hummingbird Terrace: inspiration and trends This exquisite pool in length, was built to accommodate the swimming habits owners. Ideal for rounds, an oblong shape, it adds at home by giving him more sympathetic. Source: Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Terrace: inspiration and trends The wealthy homes often hide during equally extravagant. On the ground, blanched to reduce the extent of earthworks and highlight the turquoise blue of the pool tiles. Source: You Wanna

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