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Storage ideas for your bike

For many people storing the bike at home has always been a sensitive issue. Whether you live in a family of five in a house with a garage or in a city apartment, you have to face the question of "the efficient use of space." You can always see things from angles different: For example, you can see the bicycle as an enrichment of the interior it could be considered an interesting urban element Do you want a weird design Here are some ideas for you warehouse space Si..?. bicycles are hidden, then you must deal with organizational tasks mainly. So you convert your garage or basement using some of these simple ideas below. Display [Fort Postfossil]

Storage space for bicycles in the interior design

Einrichtungsideen - Stylish storage space ideas for your bikes I live in the heart of a big city. Mine and my husband's bike that are kept in the living room. As in many other apartments in the city is also in us no suitable space for them. So when it comes to your needs and if you need to keep the bike at home, then you do a great design element. There is a range of elegant suspension systems. This apartment here used a wardrobe to accentuate the bike industrial look of the room. The architect Ira Frazin used two poles car, which he bought at a local company. Thus, a system of finite storage is also offered by some loan companies like Topeak B2 Bike Mount. To install, simply a few holes in the wall to break through. [According to Ira Frazin Architect via Houzz] storage system for bicycles Wohnideen - Stylish storage space ideas for your bikes How is bike racks wall? It has to do with different styles. Here you can see the rack Velo wall. (Velo wall frame) [top-Minguell McQuary] include wall brackets Stylish storage space ideas for your bikes This impressive modern living room wall includes a bike rack Leonardo. [Fort Daleet Spector design via Houzz] modern design in the living room Stylish storage space ideas for your bikes Do you want to enjoy the warmth of wood? There are many different systems for the hanging wall. The example here was made by hand and you can buy it on Etsy. [Fort ChromeLtd] ideas of storage room for bikes Stylish storage space ideas for your bikes Wooden frame on the wall Stylish storage space ideas for your bikes Here is an excellent example of how a bike rack wood would look in your home. [Promenade Design + Construction Fort] bike racks wood Stylish storage space ideas for your bikes This ground floor apartment owners have saved a lot of space by having bikes hanging from the ceiling. This is a very cost effective solution. These hoes can be found in any hardware store. Just make sure they were screwed. [According to Ryan Duebber architect] suspended ceiling Stylish storage space ideas for your bikes Do you want to hang your bike horizontally? Then you need two hoes, like in this space here. [According to Glenn Robert Lym] Horizontal Position Stylish storage space ideas for your bikes Here we see an idea in this style, which is a DIY project. It is a work of Mackenzie Collier Interiors. Here we see how you did. We have all the parts, such that the conduction and the metal tube and the pressure tube-shaped parts in the original filing. The accessories that we used to attach the hose to the wall, put a metal such as carp are molded part. He had a thread in which you inserted the metal tube and attached to the wall. The still visible portion was completed by a metal ceiling. Everything seems so easy! [According to Mackenzie Collier Interiors via Houzz] DIY project Stylish storage space ideas for your bikes If you do not want to DIY? Then you should look for companies like Etsy, offering such solutions. The support for cycling in your basement or the garage area I grew up in a family of five. My parents were very athletic and have insisted that we met all our holiday with sports activities. Each of us had two bikes. Possessed with the mountains and for a suitable model for the streets. Imagine the confusion that arises before every time you had to do on the way. If you went alone and the bike was stored somewhere behind, you had to bring out all that is against. But you do not have to go through complicated situations. There are great solutions for storing bicycles for large families. Here you can see such a wall bracket. This saves floor space and everything seems so organized from. Even for helmets, it is a special place. The wall-flow system is a solution, which corresponds to the need for storage. It guarantees that you will feel better. This will work perfectly in your garage or basement. [Wall System high flow] functional in the basement Stylish storage space ideas for your bikes Maybe you have a lot of bikes and very little space at home? An elevator system for bicycles would probably be a wonderful solution. Neiko elevator system is a functional and inexpensive. If you use in your garage, then you should be able to park directly under the bike. Park [Solutions via Hitman strong Houzz] Among bicycles Stylish storage space ideas for your bikes Here we see a very diverse and varied system of organization. In addition, we have included in the organizational system in the figure below also a shelf on bicycles. [Fort Susquenhanna Garage Solutions] ideas of storage space in the garage Stylish storage space ideas for your bikes By which this storage room for bikes ideas you try to save space at home?