Strange Holiday house located in Australia

Contemporary - Strange Holiday house located in Australia

House special holiday in Australia

Are you afraid of heights? What is important to you - the freedom and sense of security. To what extent do you dare to approach nature? The same in our time, where natural disasters are increasingly determine our everyday life and perception of the world. There appears to be certainly found the perfect place for a person completely expel the fear of heights. Today we have a house, which is located on the edge of a cliff for you. For some, it looks like this is a suicide attempt, other than real life, and freedom. You must be brave and you want to go to the absolute limit. Good to know it is still definitely a concept! It was designed as a vacation home. The building, though, have five floors. Called cliff project at home and was thinking of the south-west coast of Victoria, Australia. Are connected to different levels only by elevator.

Strange house rental in Australia


Home would be built from prefabricated modules

Strange Holiday house located in Australia These are stacked. Attached they would on the slope of the steel brush. The idea originated in Seefahren. Similarly algae adhered to the shell. Sure, you feel safe in such a house not too long. But it would not be the perfect mood for the holidays? Must for the not so extreme here quote that you really forget the everyday life and totally out of his usual thoughts! Could you imagine such a house? Strange Holiday house located in Australia

I would say that most people fear going once they are inside. For the super luxurious design, it's easy to just feel comfortable and secure. Do not get down like on a slope in front, but also in the sea! Only is it beautiful there ... but they look and see for yourself! Strange Holiday house located in Australia Design and levels Strange Holiday house located in Australia Video of Studio Designer

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