This is the time of year, feared by many: one where we need to tackle the spring cleaning! But do not worry, I have a few tips compiled it easy to make quick and efficient. Decorating tips - Spring Cleaning: Tips and Shortcuts Is there really a way to avoid spending hours to clean and ventilate the house upon arrival of spring? Of course! Here are some tips and tricks to approaching your home a touch of freshness, perfect to host the summer. household - Spring Cleaning: Tips and Shortcuts

Carpets and Rugs

The purpose of the spring cleaning is to deep clean of course, but especially in areas that get the most traffic and where there are stubborn stains. Otherwise, a good vacuuming will do the job perfectly. For walkways, place your vacuum cleaner on these sections with a speed of 30 seconds per area to help, crushed the carpet pile. Then soak a cloth carpet stain remover (for sisal rugs do not like the humidity) and place it on the spots. Let stand for 5 minutes. With a dry cloth to absorb the product (on site), starting from the outside to the center of the spot. Dry it with a hair dryer to not leave a wet area that would attract advocates a different place. Open the windows to air! arrangement - Spring Cleaning: Tips and Shortcuts


You have certainly made an occasional cleaning of windows inside during the winter, so you save time, focus your efforts on the outside only. Choose a gray day with no wind for your convenience. With a brush networks scrub to remove larger debris. A window cleaner, which can at the end of the garden irrigation are eating the rest of the work. Splash screens, which are still in place, with the product in a distance of 5 meters. Dirt networks and most of the dirt and let the window. Then remove the detergent and rinse everything. Now remove your screens and repeat cleaning and rinse. Wipe with a dry cloth Framing and joints.


Most curtains can be attenuated to restore their luster and freshness. If they are not detected, take a role stickers for clothing to remove accumulated at the foot of the curtains of dust, and then close the window. Spend each panel of your curtains in a steam iron to remove wrinkles. Open to help dry the curtains. Another method, which is very short (but slightly more expensive) to take down the curtains and put them on your cleaners, degrease and back. Vanessa Sicotte - Spring Cleaning: Tips and Shortcuts

The bed and mattress

Give your bed an air spring must remove all to work well. Turn your mattress if you can. Then bring your mattress cover, and your down bedding in the washing machine. I recently discovered the original flavor enhancer Gain Fireworks increasing the fresh smell of my laundry soap. Genial and $ 5.99 a can do without. Enjoy it with a stain remover for clothes when it stubborn stains. Meanwhile pinch of "little cow" on the mattress in order to remove moisture and odors. Leave the baking soda on your mattress until the next wash your linen. Your sheets and mattress cover (some tennis balls) tumble dry and redo your bed, care, some fabric softener sheet set for your bed under the mattress cover smelling fresh. The next time you wash, you suck your mattress. Spring Cleaning: Tips and Shortcuts

Sofas and upholstered chairs

In an old sheet, remove all the cushions from the sofa. Vacuum the corners of it after recovering the money that it might have been. If your sofa is removable, hop washed! Otherwise, use stain removal wipes for cleaning for sale in grocery stores (with dry cleaning kits at home). On the sofa or chair even go a sticker role garment to remove dust. Take the opportunity to change your decorative pillows and the colors of the season.


There are no shortcuts wonders in this case. So take some time and 3 plastic bags: to give, to sell and dispose of. Check all your cabinets. What you do not for one year, which is colored or does it more, the more worn the next day, and have included: "One day I'm going to wear" should find another house. The goal is to maybe even see the bottom of your closet after this exercise and a whole shelf free … well, I'm exaggerating a little, but it's nice to dream, it is not I need the normal. Mix and feel free to share me your best stuff to do your spring cleaning. v.