Sofa: 5 tricks to choose

Decorating tips - Sofa: 5 tricks to choose Buy a sofa is a big investment, and for this reason we have to be sure do not want to miss out on our recording. Here are 5 tips to help you make the right choice. design tips - Sofa: 5 tricks to choose

The size of the sleep

Observe the maximum size are your sleep and leave all sorts of room for a possible large or choose smaller, without ever a risk that they do not go running into the room. If you also add chairs in the room, a coffee table? All of these things are crucial when it comes to choosing the right size for this stunt. Remember to look at the entry into the house. You can limit narrow staircases or a corner entrance, the choice of sleep? Vanessa Sicotte - Sofa: 5 tricks to choose

The orientation of the sleep

Where do you want to put your sofa has a role in the selection of it. Reasons for some First, because if you "hover" to go the sofa in the middle of the room, to ensure that it is as beautiful from behind this front will. When you select a section, you need the "L" is the right place opposite. Also, you love TV or parties with friends, where conversation is the main activity of the room? If watching TV is the reason for your purchase and many would have sofa is facing for maximum comfort. If you want to cheer against by the conversation as a provision "overlooked" with a second sofa or chair is required. Sofa: 5 tricks to choose

The shape of the sofa

As mentioned above, the shape of the sofa is depends on your usage of the space. Note also the fact that a large sofa can very well serve as a separator between a dining room and a living example, and choose your furniture accordingly. Sofa: 5 tricks to choose

The recovery of the sleep

Ha, here is the creative part! Choose a fabric that is neutral enough to be passed the test of time, but to meet with some visual interest to your taste for trends. There is nothing that a little decorative pillows can then choose better develop a color and let them put designs on the sofa. Sofa: 5 tricks to choose

The appearance of the sofa

Finally, the view of what you want to convey as a style in the room? To create a contemporary look, think about a straight and clean lines. For a romantic look, you go to a "Chesterfield" style or a sofa with rounded fat. A cover of the sofa a casual look and a high back a formal look. And you, what are your selection criteria actually sofa?

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