Set up a walk-in dream

A pantry, or better known as "walk-in" is a space for the creation and storage of clothing. No matter whether at home already dedicated a room to work, or if you want to convert a closet into conventional wardrobe, here are some tips to develop a walk, one of your dreams. Room - Set up a walk-in dream

A comfortable seat

Whether a bank, a small armchair, upholstered ottoman, or a vintage chair reinvented it off comfortable seating is a must in the wardrobe to sit there and put your stockings or tights or shoes. It is also the perfect place to end the day fall off your clothes, bring you to taste. Room - Set up a walk-in dream

Of adequate lighting

Candlesticks and candelabras are no longer exclusively for the dining room today. Like a jewel set on a cute little black dress, an ornate chandelier will add a touch of glamor and sophistication to this luxurious room. There are also a variety of sophisticated gadgets to your wardrobe as clothes rail with LED lights and motion sensors that turn on the room, because you brighten equipped to enter. All of these findings in simple, a Quebec company specializing in the development and manufacture of rooms cabinets. master bedroom - Set up a walk-in dream

Decorate with your accessories

Shoes, fashion jewelry and handbags of brands are all elements of choice to decorate the room. Set in value by prominently on open shelves or storage compartments. arrangement - Set up a walk-in dream

The attic

If space is just missed ... be creative! Think. At the attic as a popular place to accommodate a walk-dream Some shelves cheap, solid bar clothes, a chair and color are all that is needed to make this room an oasis of calm. Set up a walk-in dream

The black

Black made a comeback in the trends for the home. From the bathroom to the closet, the black adds luxury and sophistication to the room. In addition, it is known that the jewelers have to imagine gemstones and diamonds on velvet of dark colors to highlight them so that your cabinets Ebony will make your dress.

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