Put away!

Traditionally, we keep all the "spring cleaning" for spring. With melting snow, it seems that clean, airing and choose to save. But cold and gray weather, as it out, why do not storm a little planning ... Decorating tips - Put away! Popular belief has become so long that it was better to hide our items, glassware, crockery and behind closed doors. Now, the thinking is outdated. We see a very pronounced current towards the open shelves and glass doors. Your benefits are many, just think how easy it is. Their items as needed, and the feeling of space, the find by open shelves against Boxing arrangement - Put away! But where do you start This is a good question, and I think there are several effective methods. Mine is to remove all! I like to see an empty space in order to assess the volumes and so how best to reorganize the space. Baskets, small library, transformed into shelves, storage cubes, briefly the possibilities are endless. Put away!

We can organize everything, in fact, once you start, it's hard to stop. Lingerie hallway, the closets in the bedrooms, hall closet, kitchen cabinets ... even the garage, anything goes. A word of advice, however, start by storage at a time. The task will appear smaller and certainly less messy. Put away! Fan baskets baskets, I use them all the sauces! They are particularly useful in applications such as these: What counts cosmetics, accessories, seasonal cuisine and medicine. And what. Was a good idea, some bar towel placed behind the door to hang tablecloths and table runners Put away! Mason Jars Mason jars have a very "fortress" and therefore trendy visual quality. They are used for school accessories, store souvenirs such as shell, candy or small buttons and spools of thread. A simple sticker, panel (available at hardware stores or home improvement stores Artist) and chalk are all you need to then realize our hidden treasures. Put away! And as long as the storage a little fun! Remember to have your books by color to create a rainbow effect or size for interesting visual effects. Sprinkle the shelf of pots and baskets and you will be useful and so pretty create vignettes. Put away!

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