Punches of accessories

It's all in the details! At the beginning of winter, no need to paint the whole house new, to add a little heat and brighten the gray day outside. A few well-chosen accessories and a little lesson in design is all you need. Follow me, I offer a few tips! Decorating tips - Punches of accessories I love the color! I like to change in the location, colors with the seasons. And a green apple spring quickly turns into a fuchsia pink When coming this fall. Punches of accessories American designer Liz Caan has understood. Like a chameleon, it is the decoration of houses, it creates an atmosphere, on the other, and this should be deleted, without new or replace the furniture in motion. Punches of accessories

The secret? Working with a neutral base! The walls of the room are more versatile when left a shadow mat. An off-white or pale greige (between gray and beige) are ideal on which a dynamic and captivating scenery then build bases. Punches of accessories Other tricks are in fact put natural materials. Nothing offers more warmth and dimension to a scene, the woods and textiles to the grounds and varied textures. The juxtaposition of these elements adds interest to an otherwise rectangular space and ceiling height can no longer standard. Punches of accessories Dare mix! I'm about periods, patterns, textures ... well all talk! In this room are two different night tables to accommodate the demand for space in the room, but also for storage on one side of the bed in addition to a massive injection of color in the rest of the decor in black and white. Punches of accessories Think Trio! In a neutral like this bedroom set up, it is only 3 yellow elements that illuminate everything and give visitors the impression of a yellow and gray room come. Punches of accessories Be inspired by great artists! The paintings that adorn the walls are not more than focal point of the room often. So why not be inspired, to set up that fit the rub? Pull two or three (max) predominant colors that your starting point for accessories, rugs, and floor padded small parts or painted the room. Punches of accessories The style lesson in all this is simple, the architecture of the house is very easy to change your accessories, but they can change with the seasons. So invest in products that can be saved, came in the summer or part-time at a winter move.

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