Nursery: Rethinking decoration

In recent years, the decoration for the nursery has developed enormously. Room - Nursery: Rethinking decoration Decisions made themes, but also increases how to interpret the essential elements of bedroom furniture ... the joy of the new parents! nursery - Nursery: Rethinking decoration Forget the clichés actually color. Whether it's a boy or a girl, you think about the mood you want to create in the room, instead of the color "default" you think suitable to use. The above space that belongs by actress and model Molly Sims, has been prepared for the arrival of his son Brooks and combines shades of gray blue with red, almost raspberry on the rocking chair. decorating ideas - Nursery: Rethinking decoration

Also you reconsider your furniture. No need to run to purchase a traditional rocking chair, when you neither hot nor cold. Several options are now with the appearance of a cozy armchair. Dare to color on the rest, the long nights will rock and a little more cheerful. Once baby has grown up, can most of these Rocker their rocker and a more neutral collection will become room in your living room or family room a centerpiece. Trends - Nursery: Rethinking decoration Have fun! There is no better place in my room as a child going to his creativity and imagination allow. The children's eyes are attracted by the bright colors and interesting geometric shapes. Make them by a vivid wall wallpaper or fun with the details of the decor of the room, as these handles no longer be original happy. Design Trends - Nursery: Rethinking decoration Finally, if a monochrome color palette is right up your alley, and though it also means here, invent the establishment of the nursery with an unusual edge. Painted on the wall or ceiling strip or an interesting baby bedding a warm and enveloping room is available.
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