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Make shade garden with tropical plants

In hot summer days, the shade garden is the most popular for those who live in the tropics area. Tropical plants are bright and vibrant like a sun flower beds and surprisingly many of them grow well, even in the shadow areas of your garden. Here are some tips to boost the darkest corners of the garden. Exposure

Lighten bulbs with tropical flowers

Make shade garden with tropical plants The connected display Caladium (Caladium spp) and colored shell ginger (Alpinia zerumbet) are a good example of how the seasonal tropical plants can brighten up dark areas of your garden. Here, onion plants are mixed with other plants to thin sheets. Tropical flower bulbs can be planted in summer, but must be removed before the first frost. Storage until next spring to the dry, such as vermiculite, peat moss or shredded paper. In warmer areas, you could try leaving them in the winter in the ground, but a lot of straw covered. Bring houseplants outside Make shade garden with tropical plants This irresistible bromeliads (Alcantarea imperialis) and tree ferns (Cyathea cooperi) are not included in Hawaii, but in Seattle. This is a step AHBH designed by landscape architecture with tropical plants in ceramic urns at different heights in the middle of the soft green, which can be easily removed before the first frost. This look can be easily imitated, if you take care of him, not to burn the leaves. Indoor plants like water fresh rain and moisture, they get in the garden, and you will be surprised by the exotic atmosphere. Put the grass shade tolerant ground cover Make shade garden with tropical plants Lawn grasses could not thrive in the shade, but the vegetation easy maintenance combined with padded floor stones are a great alternative. Their dark with a fine-textured green leaves are the perfect backdrop for bold tropical plants and leaves. Mondo grass (Ophiopogon japonicus) in this picture is a good alternative to grass for shady and green corners in warm areas. Liriope (Liriope muscari) and ferns are also a good choice for ground cover with a fine texture.
Making the sides of the garden tempting. They are often overlooked as potential areas of lesser and are used for waste, compost heaps and other ugly things. The side gardens in the shade can look even more cruel. Tropical flowers produce onion Make shade garden with tropical plants It will be interesting, you build flower bulbs that tropical elephant ear (Colocasia and Alocasia) or dormant winter ginger (Zingiber zerumbet), with bright red string on tall stems in late summer and autumn. Use small areas Make shade garden with tropical plants Often, areas of smaller gardens are those with poor light, walls, trees or tall buildings in the wrong. Thus, an area close as the image can be easily set up, and has its own microclimate that is ideal for tropical plants. In the culture of tropical plants in small areas, it should not be much of the same plants as they grow quickly and space must be cut or separated, so that the garden is nice. Start with perennial evergreen shrubs and ground vegetation as a base and a paved area at ease, so that customers and you can enjoy the garden. Then you put the accents. Use texture Make shade garden with tropical plants Many gardeners use tropical plants because of their color, but do not miss the drama and architectural textures. Each texture in the picture comes from a tropical plant, but the same effect can be achieved with leafy plants from tropical areas in the same bed Philodendron (Philodendron 'Burle Marx) can be modified with moderate with a similar texture as Hosta (Hosta spp) plants, and large palm leaves Hardy species can Chusan Palm (Trachycarpus fortune) or needle palm (Rhapidophyllum hystrix) exchanged are. Window foil and here? His sentence cut sheet forms, the plant is grown in a container and can be found in the winter at home. Check the shadow Make shade garden with tropical plants There is a big difference between shadow and airy live oaks (Quercus virginiana) in the image and mixed light on one side of the house, which suddenly changes to full shade direct sunlight during the day . Shadow you can have with the planting of new trees and more light – with the commissioning of an arborist who cultivates your garden regularly. Beware of trees sold as more and more quickly. Often they torment your owners with fragile branches, seeds and roots dirty attack. Find prefer trees that you like to enjoy in the years to come. Make shade garden with tropical plants Exposure