Living room ideas – a project in 7 steps

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Living Room Ideas - A residential wonderfully organized within 7 days

A recent survey by Fresh Ideas showed the following unique result: Our house makes us really happy! This works especially well if inviting organized. Spring is here and that seems to be the appropriate time for all to refresh and renew the environment. But you do not give you much trouble, so it works. A piece by piece effortlessly makes it easy to accomplish the task. We have seven photos below and one day each covered by Sauber's decision. If you do all these steps, you will create a crisp, clean image in your home.

Make a plan

The first two days are mühesamsten. So take your time at the residential end, for starters. Other tasks can also be performed on weekends in half an hour. Some must be distributed between several days, depending on the size of your room. Day 1: Remove dust Wohnzimmer gestalten - Living room ideas - a project in 7 steps Make own view: If you have a good vacuum cleaner with all the necessary tools, then it would be the easiest task. Admittedly, this is hard work. It may be that you can now turn on something else, such as sports activities, for example. - Make sure the room from top to bottom clean with a vacuum cleaner. Start with the cobwebs on the ceiling and work your way to the soil. - Details of windows like iris and lampshades can be cleaned with the appropriate accessories of the vacuum. - Can I wash the curtains? Take it out and wash it with the program that protects most clothing. - Lights can be released with either a vacuum or a dust rag. The same goes for the shelves, frames and Kamingensims. Clean, remove anything that does not match the room. So things other people dishes cooking, scattered socks are intended. Put everything in its place. Clean the floor - Day 2
Wohnzimmer Ideen - Living room ideas - a project in 7 steps

Refresh tasks during cleaning carpets and make the floor clean. Then you notice a big difference in how the feel of the room. Bring to room floors professional cleaning. For carpets, you should probably make an appointment at home in recital. The hardwood floors need to be cleaned or polished the mop. Elevator cleaning everything on the floor. You should also look at the difficult places, such as under the sofa, coffee table or ceiling of the unit. Day 3: Remove clutter shelves Living room ideas - a project in 7 steps The challenge here lies in the organization and management of the library and the media cabinet. You must reduce the amount so far that everything is in the bedroom. If you have a little free space on each shelf, it will be possible to establish new books and movies there. Note for parents to find a permanent place for a couple of baskets and buckets with toys. Replace the elements on which your children have both days off. So they are still experiencing some news. Day 4: Bring all to shine Living room ideas - a project in 7 steps Tasks when cleaning them to clean windows and mirrors. Your living room is on the ground floor? If the windows are easy to reach from there. Get out and then make the outside of windows in the living room as clean. If you have a glass coffee table. Today, it really should be put to the beam. Day 5: Brush the furniture Living room ideas - a project in 7 steps Tasks for cleaning upholstery cleaning. Wash pillows and removable covers. Treat wood furniture appropriately. Remove cleaning. All pillows and blankets bulbous, which are clearly the date Day 6: Stiling tips Living room ideas - a project in 7 steps After completing the main and all the clutter has been removed coating, now you have to give a final touch to the room. How to get there? Here are some simple steps to: - replace the seats closer - Relive the plants by removing dead rotting leaves. You can also those who gathered in dark corners, get out. They may not get enough light and therefore not develop in the best way possible. - Cool also the chimney. This can happen simply by removing all objects gathered there. - Place a stack of books and other small items on the coffee table with a horizontal orientation Day 7: Support in everyday life Living room ideas - a project in 7 steps Let your living room looks great by observing some simple tasks - Bring the evening, all in their place of origin - To exchange new against the old stuff instead, you collect these. For example, if you buy a new book, then this should be on the shelf and can be hidden somewhere. What is the biggest challenge when cleaning for you? Were you at our tips help you?

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