Living in a cottage style

Architektur - Living in a cottage style Who may not want a cottage in the country where he can retire after hours or on weekends? Then it's goodbye everyday stress, relaxation Welcome! If the home country but also far into the future, we at the cabin style can at least bring a touch of life to the idyllic countryside in our four walls we. Living in a cottage style The term comes from English and translates into a cabin or cottage Cottage. In England, the so-called small houses built not only on the ground floor. At the same time, the original charm of the building and their typical style of the establishment of a trend has developed. Based on the country-style or vintage look, the style of country houses conquered the living today worldwide. Italy also has its magic long since expired and has the same set in Bologna in a flat country house look. Living in a cottage style

Living in a cottage styleLiving in a cottage style

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