Landscaping and gardening in spring

Garten & Pflanzen - Landscaping and gardening in spring

Simple pleasures: How to enjoy the first days of spring on top

Is there anything better than the first day of spring? The weather is warm enough that you spend much time outdoors. Celebrate spring by working all day in the garden, do chores, things to clean themselves and get into better shape. Allow a new garden equipment which would also form a successful celebration, do not you think? First go in the morning at the garden shop and get everything you need! What about with a watering can, a new pair of gloves or even a summer hat. Exposure

Fill in your stairs with Bulbs
Gardening in the spring

Garten und Landschaftsbau - Landscaping and gardening in spring If you were wise, you have set the bulbs in autumn in pots. For those who have not done the following opinion is very important: why not ask now while you perform other tasks in the garden. I do not see a nice view of flexion, which are filled to the brim with spring flowers. Start the season hammocks Gartengestaltung - Landscaping and gardening in spring

Do you have a hammock? Now it's time to remove it and hang it. Having taken the trouble to do so, you can now enjoy the fun! Because, after all the work with its range can not take a break offense bedroom with a book. Make beautiful plant markers Landscaping and gardening in spring It would certainly be a great pleasure and project for the first days of spring. You can do quite clear or fancy, as in the picture here. In this case, we must garden stakes painted with leftover paint and then alphabetical Stamp Set you to write the names. Plan your garden with paths Landscaping and gardening in spring There is something very satisfying mind when you see a beautiful converted into a sterile manner, with crowded corner of the earth. These are no longer needed as a bag of milk and some say-stones. Bring all your means in perfect order, sit back and enjoy excellent results. Attach the rear entrance to Landscaping and gardening in spring Access to the house from the garden is still very dirty, right? Nobody expects you to ask, but try your best and make some order. Sweep the area, arrange accessories in one place and organize boots immaculate rows. Organize a station with pots Landscaping and gardening in spring You do not have to be fancy. It is a speech workspace solid, which can be good and dirty. You need some shelves for empty cans and bags to accommodate earth. That's really all! The use of found objects such as potted plants. Use an odd element in your garden. You could, for example, fully plant a rusty bucket or wheelbarrow with lettuce. Let your creativity free space! Make the right furniture for their own outdoor space! Landscaping and gardening in spring The whole area is comfortable and pleasant, if we chairs and tables well with clean water and soap. Use a brush to brush the earth spider web pots and seagrasses also on the fly. Give a little sweetness Landscaping and gardening in spring The soft cushions with references freshly purged make much more comfortable outside area! Bring cushions on and put on the back of the seat. So you can sit there comfortably when the sun goes down Landscaping and gardening in spring Close the day with a cocktail of fresh herbs inherited. Do you have mint in the garden? Landscaping and gardening in spring

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