Küche - L-shaped kitchens - useful ideas

L-shaped kitchen designs – the current proposals

This kitchen is a long, narrow room, you can use with a good functional design. A kitchen island, as green here with the stove can provide additional storage space and makes the kitchen seem more compact and closed. Wood cabinets in honey-colored wood floors and remember the 1930s appearance of the kitchen. To make your own L-shaped kitchen again, use kitchen cabinets ceiling height – which is a good solution for storing seldom used or seasonal products. Exposure

The kitchen island in the narrow kitchen – L-shaped

L-shaped kitchens - useful ideas

The design of a kitchen can be very important. Here is a pass-through place was taken instead of a door to get space for lower kitchen cabinets and extra storage space. When redesigning your own kitchen L, you can create a small island like this with a curved shape to provide space for dining with friends, while the chef prepares something. Country Kitchen White L-shaped kitchens - useful ideas Arcuate window arouse immediate visual interest to this charming Küche.Wir here have chocolate brown tiles on the counter and under the window, which contrasts with the white classic kitchens cabinets and even brown color is the flooring. When redesigning a kitchen L, you can simply use this narrow open shelves between the upper cabinets – a great solution for wine storage that does not require temperature control the island as a storage room . L-shaped kitchens - useful ideas Thus, the small open kitchen and airy feel, you should limit the upper cabinets to a minimum. This allows natural light to enter the room. To compensate for the lack of storage space in the L-shaped kitchen with the new design, try a kitchen island close how to create them, with a combination of open shelves and closed cabinets. Note also the use of filter tap in the kitchen. The island as a staging area L-shaped kitchens - useful ideas kitchen islands as one with a small meter high can be placed in the center of the kitchen. In this project, New design for the L-shaped kitchen, a wall was removed that separated the kitchen and dining room earlier. A new agreement replaces a U-shaped plan with a single stove in the corner of the house. Now comes the additional light above and illuminates the sleek kitchen cabinets – which was urgently in the narrow space The overhaul in the kitchen. L-shaped kitchens - useful ideas The removal of the wall while the new design and the conversion of the L-shaped kitchen transformed the old kitchen cooking a multifunctional space with a multi-purpose island. The choice of materials – including a butcher block, brick and soapstone – add visual interest to the simple white kitchen cabinets kitchen blue Pulsation – bright colors. L-shaped kitchens - useful ideas This clever cabinet-treatment and placement of sink in a corner of the kitchen vibrant blue is rarely used a valuable lesson on how to assess a legt.Regale space and racks provide enough storage capacity and allow owners make the most of their space. Try to get with a new coat of paint to brighten up your kitchen L! Want kitchens of the sample, the L-shaped device L-shaped kitchens - useful ideasL-shaped kitchens - useful ideasL-shaped kitchens - useful ideasL-shaped kitchens - useful ideas