How to mix patterns and textures?

Juxtaposition of patterns and textures is an indisputable way to add personality to a design. But as in all things, a dose is recommended. Here are 5 tips on how to make a decorative arrangement of patterns and textures, as do the designers. Decorating tips - How to mix patterns and textures?

Choose your color

Whether for the good agreement with the furniture and accessories complement you already have, you are definitely a dominant color in the room. Make this your one-stop color and start your pattern selection from a range of her. design tips - How to mix patterns and textures?

Add a contrasting color

Now that the base is secured, add a contrasting color for an invigorating or complementary effect for a smooth effect. For example, as I love blue and white dishes are tighter when combined with red accents.

How to mix patterns and textures?

Select pattern sizes and types

For it is not that your arrangement is too monotonous, vary the sizes of the designs, but also their style. Car, stripes with flowers, or peas with a damask print for example mix. Denser patterns deserve to be larger, while the repeating units (such as peas) are pretty, even if they are small. Keep in mind that the decoration, are odd numbers popular, so keep this in mind when choosing your patterns. How to mix patterns and textures?

Use the approach 60-30-10

Now that your materials are selected, the theory of 60-30-10 or 60% accent (contrasting color not know why!) Apply to the use of your favorite patterns, 30% of second and 10% of your choice. How to mix patterns and textures?

Start with the largest ground and then one step back

Finally, the construction, install in your room accessories, cushions or curtains that have the most reasonable or the most imposing pattern. Now, take a step back so you can take your work shape. Is it too much? Will he also condenses? Or if it's just perfect? Then add your other patterns and accents, and repeat the process. How to make your eyes absorb any change, and if you do not like something, you'll know exactly what happened and what you added that the part does not fit. Happy decorating! V.

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