How to decorate when we have animals?

They are the best friends of man. We treat our pets as a full member of the family and yet we can say that our designs are tailored to their needs, and us? How to have a suitable device for animals? Well, here are some tips to help you know more to appreciate the presence of pets in the house. Decorating tips - How to decorate when we have animals?

Forget the carpet

Rugs and wall to wall carpets are a constant source of disagreement between our animals and us. Hair, accidents and meetings "chewed" often make our relationship with the stormy flooring. Do not worry, they will be removed! Instead, think about installing a sub-floor or underfloor heating (heated) to offer without heat, the health and comfort of your pets. Rethinking meals After stumbling 300 times on the bowl of water for our dogs and cats, maybe we come to the conclusion that a better solution will be considered. I especially like the ingenious idea to include the shells from the bottom of a kitchen cabinet. With bowls that are removable for easy cleaning which meals are much more user friendly now. animals - How to decorate when we have animals?

A place for everything

Toys are lying around the house a curse for children and animals. 1, 2, 3 toys lying around here and there and then they quickly flooded the whole house. Find (breathe pastures, leaving the wet slime toys dry properly) a nice wicker basket and place all the devices in your pet. decorating ideas - How to decorate when we have animals?

Breakage is avoided where there are animals, there is case sensitive. We know and accept, to a certain extent. It's still steps we can take to ensure to prevent broken too many objects in the house. Remove sensitive objects Coffee tables that could be swept by the tail of the dog. Put your glass and your vessels behind glass doors in a cabinet, a curiosity, or doors on your kitchen cabinets. Not only will it break, but also the fact that it is behind the doors line to ensure that it is not contaminated to prevent slow down dust. Deco - How to decorate when we have animals? Walls Paint It sports a matte painting and eggshell will get tend to be faster shake dirty with mud and aquatic animals splashing. For this reason, but the walls of your house paint with a color or glossy pearl finish. Beware paint color that will highlight the shortcomings of the walls, but otherwise the effect is easy to clean. How to decorate when we have animals?

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