Per square meter is expensive to rent than to buy. To select the perfect spot, we must sometimes sacrifice actually living area. Decorating a small apartment or a small house, but do not make impossible the task only requires creativity and imagination. Here are some tips to create a fabulous location in the development of a small room. Decorating tips - How to decorate a small space?

The size of the furniture account

Each piece of furniture that comes in the room to make sure the proportions are correct carefully selected. Several companies now offer smaller versions of their regular collections, ideal for condos or apartments. Sofas and armchairs are here in the center of the discussion, as they often appear in the small shop ceilings 20 feet high, but huge once at home. design tips - How to decorate a small space? A word here: when I mention you furniture small sizes I am not suggesting that we invade the space of the room with a multitude of small pieces of furniture that are not practical. Instead, it is better to have a dresser or buffet that offers plenty of storage as a series of small boxes that fall ultimately have nothing.

Think multi-function

The key to successful decorating is to think about your furniture for all the functions that can have it. You do not live in a studio, not the confined space? Now, make your kitchen table or additional casual office chairs your bedside tables with trays placed on the bases for stability. How to decorate a small space? You have no room for a dresser clothes in your room? Even large, bedside tables with drawers can very well suited to store away folded clothes, for example.

Add Storage … everywhere

For a little room to breathe, they must be spat from any form of embarrassment. So creative in fact, source memory and add in places like under the seats of the kitchen, high above the cupboards, under beds or ceiling cabinets. How to decorate a small space? The de facto storage is often underutilized. Everything you need to maximize yet.


Finally, the most important point remains that the decoration of the room to gather with a playful and fun touch. For example, two children are sharing a small room with a smile and your guests enjoy eating Japanese to your design and very functional coffee table. How to decorate a small space? Sources: Sanity Fair, Design Sweet LushHome, cup of Jo