How to choose the lighting in a room?

Essential to our comfort, lighting our homes everything is often less than optimal. Here are some tips to help you improve and optimize it without abusing it. Decorating tips - How to choose the lighting in a room?

The dining room

The dining room is now much more than a place to hold formal meals. Sometimes desk, sometimes DIY corner or the place to have a drink, the dining room serves many functions, the right lighting dosage. design tips - How to choose the lighting in a room? The central suspension center of the table is the optimal solution for both the primary light source, but also a decorative object in space. Some homes are equipped with recessed lighting at regular intervals across the room distance. This second solution adds soft light in the room and ensures that light up dark corners, but beware, they aired down light that can not be flattering for those who are directly below. Use them closer to avoid the walls to the "halo effect".

The room

The bedroom is often the least well-lit room in the house, for the simple reason, they say only use it to sleep, and that black is so convenient. But if you think about it, this piece offers many other activities: a place for children to play, a comfortable bed, where you can read or a little TV, a place to store and sometimes ironing, a desk sometimes. How to choose the lighting in a room?

In fact, direct lighting, wall lights and lamps are ideal near or on the bedside tables to illuminate the reading area. In addition, at least one source of ambient light as it is absorbed in the form of a suspension or.

The kitchen and the office

The kitchen and the office of a common ... the need for proper lighting of the work area. The lighting under cabinets is a good first light source. Save it in against the neon lights of white and institutions for the benefit of small LED lights recessed or small. How to choose the lighting in a room? Over the counter or in the kitchen island, beautiful and delicate suspensions are both decorative element and downlink light to serve to enlighten you in the preparation of food. For the office, opt for a work light conveniently swivel head to direct it where you need it. How to choose the lighting in a room? My column this week focuses not on the appearance or trend, the lighting, but on their need and the fact that we vary the sources. All together, make sure to set the mood in your home while your eyes came the darkness. Good Home! V.

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