Essential living room furniture

You decorate your first home, first home, or simply want your furniture to reflect your current needs, here are essential to organize your environment and choose your living room furniture. Living room - Essential living room furniture

A comfortable sofa

To sit, a sofa is a must in the living room. Although the sectional sofa and oversized version is read at the moment, all houses are not conducive to a recording of one. A textured sofa with simple, elegant lines, never out of fashion and can easily be adapted as a classic or rustic to modern-style decor so much. Love Seat if turn into a small space without sacrificing the look of the device. design tips - Essential living room furniture

Lamp ... or two ... or three

An almost universal problem in every home is the lack of additional lighting. Natural light is often appropriate to date, but it is the darkness in a room or is defective lighting, because it is too intense and can not be adjusted, or because it is not enough. Living room - Essential living room furniture

Occasional seat

If you receive additional seats are helpful to avoid all just end up on the sofa in the room "roped" in place of onions. Small ceramic or upholstered stools, benches, antique chairs and armchairs are all good ways and depend on the location and the budget you decorate the room. Vanessa Sicotte - Essential living room furniture


The type of storage you choose depends largely on the great works in the room. You read a lot? While made libraries. You're more likely tyle a movie buff? Opt instead for a TV stand that includes plenty of storage space for your VCR, DVD, game consoles and. Finally, the storage permit, to all objects of daily life, the other pull joystick TV, magazines, yo, knit etc, are Essential living room furniture Complete your decoration with objects that are important to you, these useful items or not, that your memories or make you smile.

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