Embed a walk-in shower her bathroom

In our relentless pursuit of relaxation and space, each room in the house in turn have been redesigned to maximize the use and size, and adapt to our way of active and hectic life. In the bathroom is the shower, which is converted into a "walk-in" shower, such as those found in the spa. Here are some tips and suggestions to include a walk in shower in your bathroom and suddenly transform the look of it. Bathroom - Embed a walk-in shower her bathroom Source: Concrete Cloud

Increase the width

The width of the shower gives us the impression of space. On average, most people need a box 39 inches wide, to feel comfortable. Then choose a width from 40 to 42 inches to maximize the comfort of your shower. Bigger, that he makes it difficult to warm shower width. design tips - Embed a walk-in shower her bathroom Source: Shoot Factory

Carefully choose your accents

In your shower, put your reasons, ceramic eye level, or where it has the greatest visual impact. Install soap dish the same side as the shower head and faucets. A chair is a small detail that really like and that offers the opportunity to add a different texture on the glass and ceramics in the enclave of the shower. shower - Embed a walk-in shower her bathroom

Source: My Home Ideas

Plan every detail

As I said, as well the adage: measure twice, cut once ... or something like that. Planning the renovation and construction of the new walk-in shower before tearing everything. If this will be where another stand up shower, make sure that the plumbing drain and vent are appropriate. Same in terms of power, it is better, the annoying son before installing the shower to have nasty surprises to move later. reno project - Embed a walk-in shower her bathroom Source: BHG


Finally, treat yourself! After the installation of this shower is known for its occupants, is not it? Just make sure that your needs are heard and that the style of your shower is perfect for you. How to make your happy "spa" shower at home can enjoy for years! Embed a walk-in shower her bathroom Source: Zillow

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