Develop a small kitchen

Compact and multi-functional rooms are often still in condos and apartments. But do not worry, something does not mean free of functionality and style, quite the opposite. Here are 5 tips to make every inch of your small kitchen without maximize his eyes either!

Be open

Be open ... literally! A good way to get a bigger kitchen is to open the wall separating it from the living room. This creates an opening (larger than a flat pass), which can be a breakfast bar and the new configuration adds style to the room. Kitchen - Develop a small kitchen Source: Inside GID

To color car!

When we think of a small space, the bright colors of the fear that they will not bring too much attention to smaller proportions of space or so they react by fleeing often make it seem already limited even less space. But it is the opposite that produces color. Whether the kitchen to be defined by painting the walls around the niche or cabinets display it, color in the kitchen is a good way to make it attractive and inviting. This year is the trend in the colors "sorbet". design tips - Develop a small kitchen Source: Flickr

Maximize storage

Who says cooking should be limited to the space contained therein? In fact, the partition walls between the kitchen and the adjacent room are adding an excellent opportunity to storage, if the kitchen is limited by its size. For the same reason, you can also go for the open storage to your pretty dishes to present bottles in your home bar, or dry foods prepared in transparent decide silos. Look a little "grocery" very fashionable! Kitchen - Develop a small kitchen

Source: Decoholic

Remove cabinets

I know it may seem intuitive to eliminate against the kitchen cabinets in a room that is already small like, and certainly not about the storage. Insert the top with open shelves or remove to enter the doors of the boxes the space an airy look caissons. Obviously it is best to add a little household items, say on the shelves will end up doing, but in any case, the effect will be fantastic, and it is particularly spacious rooms appear. decorating ideas - Develop a small kitchen Source: Stylish Eve

Think big ... or higher!

When space runs on the ground, look at the height. Maximize the size of your kitchen cabinets education (preferably glass, to follow the previous point) or shelves up to the ceiling. This will effectively optimize available memory, but also to the eye level, the increase of the room a sense of grandeur. Deco - Develop a small kitchen Source: living-room

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