You are about to welcome relatives for the holidays? Well, here are some tips to style, without all the hassles that come to talk with him. Seeing these trends Deco bedroom. Decorating tips - Design Trends for the guest room Decisive is the fact, to receive guests at home is to offer them a bed to sleep. If you consider only a space in the room for passengers, install two single beds which can be used in single or together to create a double bed time for a turkey! Room - Design Trends for the guest room Planning a pillow! We all have our habits actually sleep and no one wants to have to moods your uncle or aunt who suffer sleep well. Submit them to the pen, polyester and a firmer release. Not only does this pillow can be used elsewhere in the house the rest of the year, but they will dress the bed nice way. Design Trends - Design Trends for the guest room Support for luggage is very convenient and adds an interesting architectural element in the room. If you do not have these conventional memory on hand to be creative and reinvent or end with a chest bed or a chair without armrests. Design Trends for the guest room Light reading is always appreciated by guests who need a relaxing time. For me they are decorating magazines I suggest to those who visit us in the hut … occupational hazard I suppose. Whatever, the fact that just one book offers a quiet moment and they will also dress up a bedside table or dresser top. Design Trends for the guest room Finally, those lucky enough to make a small set of toiletries, such as to visit a hotel deal. We often forget to bring us and you might not want to share your anti-frizz-per-color-volumizing ultra-moisturizing shampoo with my uncle Gerard, who has three hairs! A touch of humor, which I hope you will appreciate the presence of the guests in your home at this time of joy. In this I wish you a Merry Christmas! v.