Design Trends 2014 for the bedroom

The year is not over yet, but already the interior design trends 2014 flood blogs and magazines. Here are for decorative bedroom to see some of the trends, in fact. Room - Design Trends 2014 for the bedroom

Mixing Styles

A room with a conventional steps looks with vintage accents, updated asymmetric keys and the Middle East. Antique Tables and night from the other, add interest to the room and break the expected classical symmetry. Trends in 2014 - Design Trends 2014 for the bedroom

The yellow

The yellow is growing in our sets and see the 2014 promotion to the top trend colors in the room. Accessories, bedding, and art on the wall are compared with the yellow accents to create a unique and modern look. Design Trends - Design Trends 2014 for the bedroom

The subtle colors

The view Tie Dye has left an indelible borrows in the 1970s abandoned and has not been seen since in a contemporary way. That is now history. The return of the "shady" color makes a comeback on fine and soft materials such as silk and linen applied. In the bedroom you dare look on your bed or your curtains and accent the decor of most sober keys to the color leave all the room to shine. Design Trends 2014 for the bedroom

Ultra Gloss

A painting technique that adds a mega-dose of shine and light up any room, the ultra glossy varnish is a trend that has been seen on furniture and kitchen cabinets, and is today a place on the walls and ceiling brand. A word of advice, though: always and uniform effect, make of professionals. Design Trends 2014 for the bedroom

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