Decorating with plants

Want something green to your home, without add yourself at home in the emission? Here are some tips to integrate and create attractive ... and green label with decorative plants! Decorating tips - Decorating with plants

Dress flower supermarket

Green plants supermarket when presented a different view in terracotta pots or decorative urns. Cover the bottom with a small green moss for a natural effect. Decorating with plants

Klein is the best plants

If space does not allow you to have great plants, opt for several small plants in each planter. Combined on a console, coffee table, a window sill, a mantel or table means you get an interesting visual effect but compact. Decorating with plants

Add height to the room

Nothing like a big plant as decoration for a very natural inside. You can find their way home and dress up an empty corner enter the height in the room. Some ideas: a dragon, with its bushy foliage, a rubber, a fig tree or a braided Ficus grows well in all. Decorating with plants

Plants in every room of the house

From the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom, each room can accommodate plants. The key is to choose the right plant for the location and natural light. Check with your nursery for the best choice for any room. I especially orchids. Voracious moist environments, they are perfect in a bright bathroom. Decorating with plants

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