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Decorating bathroom has evolved in recent years. Currently, the rustic look is all the rage. Decorating tips - Decorating room country bath Whether you live in a new or old house, the rustic look is very fashionable. But it is realistic to imagine it in the bathroom? Surprisingly, all! Today I propose three bathroom decorations rustic style that will make others envious of the city and country. decorating ideas - Decorating room country bath To create this look at home, think of the classic elements of the bathroom with a rustic feel. So the mirror, vanity, floor covering will be taken on the appearance of a barn wood. Be alert to surfaces to receive water, they get treatment to replace, or opt for real wood barn, the weather Mother Nature has suffered for years impermeable for domestic water production. Bathroom - Decorating room country bath

Another interpretation of the country look in the bathroom coming from Toronto designer Sarah Richardson. In his personal farm, she decided to vintage pieces, to introduce its vanity. Originally designed as a low cabinet Richardson they make sure that the surface of the furniture change to the Carrara marble set converted instead of the original wood. The hot legs of a lion, has another former updated with a yellow butter. Other vintage decorative elements were brought to the scene to give a rustic look to the room, renovated frankly. Deco - Decorating room country bath Another unusual element in the room are the curtains. Traditionally, we do not think about the substances in a room that gets wet, but if it is (as in the case of a second home) not used on a daily basis, contains a large window that can be opened, and a good Ventilation system, there are no counter-indications. Decorating room country bath Finally rustic elements were partly created by such things as the choice of marble mosaic floor and in the shower. These patterns are reminiscent of the 20s and 30s alveoli. In the country or the city, this bathroom is fresh and contemporary. Source: Idea House, BHG, HGTV

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