Decorating Inspiration for the family room

With the busy lives of modern families, the rooms of the house are given new functions. So what is traditionally viewed as the formal living room relaxed in order to make room for various activities such as work, play, homework, watching TV and relaxing. Here are some inspirations to create a family room that reflects your lifestyle


Living room - Decorating Inspiration for the family room Source: House Beautiful To the room through the room and especially offered to enjoy your family time, to maximize the number of seats to maximize in different ways. The options are many: a three or five-seater sofa, armchair resting on either side of the sofa, a large upholstered ottoman, a few guests at parties, ceramic stool or Ottomans small sizes as Assize Booster.

The games area

design tips - Decorating Inspiration for the family room Source: The Sweatman family in a family room, game area is often useful if you have children. We need to define the recreation area, so they do not penetrate the room. Create a separate area with plenty of storage space, furniture for children and washable surfaces. Remember, though, that this place is part of the room! It is therefore important to match the style of the area with the decor of the rest of the room.

The work area

decorating ideas - Decorating Inspiration for the family room

Source: Crazy Office Design Ideas Whether doing homework or working a few hours is a home office and more frequently in the decoration of rooms for families. To create a functional work area, but still casual, converting a fairly narrow console desk. You can leave a pretty lamp and slip padded chairs to set up a nice little Deco Space that fits with the rest of the room. To develop a work area that will serve every day, think of work stations along a wall or under the stairs, and install cabinets under the shell to maximize storage.

The TV Zone

Design Trends - Decorating Inspiration for the family room Source: Four Generations One Roof final use of the family room is the TV area usually in the middle of the room. Use the sofa or sectional as "separator" element of the piece to the different zones of activity (play, work, etc.) demarcate Decorate the master element with colorful cushions that can change with the seasons to reflect your preferences and moods.

The Comfort Zone

Decorating Inspiration for the family room Source: Pink Paper Peonies The last area, not least of which is really the whole room! No matter that the activities of family members practicing in the family room, it should clearly be a comfortable room, relaxed and easy to store. Keywords are: easy to clean surfaces, storage in all its forms and colors crisp accent only (rather than disturbing please).

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