Decorating ideas for the laundry room

More functional than decorative, get the laundry very little attention when it it comes time to develop. But it is a piece that we often every week ... sometimes more than once a week. Here are some ideas for you and who knows, maybe you make enthusiastic about spending a little time for once! Bathroom - Decorating ideas for the laundry room Front-loading or top, washer and dryer are the two key elements of this piece, but also the most difficult to camouflage elements. Regardless, put it more prominently. No need behind hinged doors or a curtain, if you have the equipment to hide the both way. White or light colored, the duo loader fits very well furnished, it is crowned with a practical work surface for folding. If your machines are top loading, leave enough space to fully open the lid and add shelves or boxes with kitchen cabinet. above to place your products and some decorative elements. decorating ideas - Decorating ideas for the laundry room It is wrong that the laundry room should be spotless, all in white from floor to ceiling. On the contrary. Whether using a vibrating wallpaper, colorful ceramics, graphics and curtains, decorative items, this will add personality to the room and also help to make it look less institutional and strict. Laundry Room - Decorating ideas for the laundry room

Think storage with vintage and unusual decorative accessories. Wall hanger is a great idea to hang the ironing board and boxes of apples are hiding a creative idea, household products and bachelors in the course socks. Decorating ideas for the laundry room Lighting is crucial often housed in this room in a dark corner of the house. Dare gloss or suspension of quality and not let in and so in designing the look of the laundry room to the adjacent parts. Decorating ideas for the laundry room Finally, it is often said that the devil is in the details and this funny saying applies here. Hide if possible, commercial packaging of detergents behind closed doors or better yet, get rid of completely substituting glasses and jugs of glass or metal baskets.
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