Decorating ideas for a small space

Apartments, condominiums and houses all seem to be made of pure wool ... they shrink eyesight! Do not worry, no need to rely on the location, the style, it is possible to have both. Here are some tips to help you decorate a small room and create a setting that suits your needs, while with the style and identify your personality. Decorating tips - Decorating ideas for a small space

A focus

A small space requires only a single focal point, a place that attracts attention and about which the entire decor of the room. In the room, the attention is placed on the bed and no detail overlooked. Accents of purple and orange are seamlessly to an off-white palette next to each other. design tips - Decorating ideas for a small space

Lift the eye

If the horizontal square is a rare commodity, maximize on the one that rises to the ceiling. Overhead storage, picture frames or mirrors are all good tips for raising the eyes. I particularly like the idea of ​​a gallery wall, the bed frame and anchor the space, while its height to maximize. decorating ideas - Decorating ideas for a small space

Mirror Mirror

Like a magician, it's all in the distraction. Developed a mirror to the picture that captured and thus the impression of double the actual space in the room to reflect. In addition, there is a mirror, a "jewel" effect on the room, which is a plus, add a little glamor to the room, but also light that is reflected from the mirror surface. Decorating ideas for a small space

To unify facades

Another trick to fool the eye and a sense of grandeur is to unify the color of the curtains with the walls. By reducing one surface to another section is visible the game appears to the longest continuous and harmonious lines. Decorating ideas for a small space

A multifunctional piece

Our lives have multiple facets and all the activities that go with it. Work from home, yoga in the living room, casual friends or dressing for Shoes: There are plenty of activities to fill. Rethink your furniture creative way to give it to a function. An upholstered ottoman can be used as a coffee table or perch for visiting friends, an elegant console serves as a casual office or bedside table. The shops are full of options that serve a dual function. Let us advise you, based on your needs and your lifestyle. Source: BHG, HGTV, Sara Muller, BHG, Dayka Robinson

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