Decorating a child's room to share

Share a child's room presents challenges to its occupants as for those who convert. Here are some ideas to inspire you. Room - Decorating a child's room to share The reasons to share a room vary, but one thing remains, that of creating a small corner where every child to feel at peace and like him. This is no easy task when it comes in addition to two children of different ages or gender. Treat the room separate area while maintaining the harmony in color and theme, if applicable. Room - Decorating a child's room to share The parts are sometimes small, unnecessary furniture. Conveniently very well serve additional night being a focal point between the two areas of the room and give each child his own space. nursery - Decorating a child's room to share

The bunk beds are also a very common way to develop a twin. To unify two beds with a similar bedding but give each a personal touch with a different combination of the same colors. Decorating a child's room to share Pay attention to the interpretation of the issues, because 2 children 2 times mean more attention for your topic. This repetition can seem overwhelming if it is not well controlled. Instead of the bright playful themes such as superheroes or princesses, opt for a number of textures, fabrics and patterns that your intention, without too predictable in the child should be made clear. Decorating a child's room to share Finally, think furniture original way. And wood pallets to hang beds and one room, the children will be safe, create love. But be careful! We need to ensure that your building is solid and safe support two methods for each of the self-supporting elements. Install railings on the bed height regardless of the age of the child. For children, the jump still on the beds, it is up to us to ensure that they can do so safely. Sources: Apartment Therapy, Liz Marie Blog, BHG, Lilsugar

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