Decorate yellow

Color represents the energy, spirit, joy and happiness, yellow is the least we can say, a vitamin color. This lemony color fits perfectly with all shades as crisp or vice versa, more tart. Here are 5 ways to decorate yellow. Decorating tips - Decorate yellow

Yellow and Blue

Married to the Navy or blue, yellow takes nautical look and dresses as well as a dining room, a casual lounge. In the above case, the lighter yellow color and light pulls diffuse generously in the room. Color - Decorate yellow

Modern yellow

Narcisse, lemon, canary, saffron, or daffodil, yellow covers more modern interiors. A nice way to leave a lasting impression first is to paint your front door this sunny color. A bank and a few accessories in the same color on the inside of the house is the color sit in harmony with the overall decor. color trend - Decorate yellow

From the bedroom to the living room

There is no place in the house where the yellow does not fit. In small doses in an otherwise neutral decor or large quantities to flood the sun room, there is no observed dose. Just be sure to keep in mind the different rooms of the house, if they are open to each other. You can place a vase of daffodils in the dining room in the echo the yellow cushions chick living example. Design Trends - Decorate yellow

A little retro

Yellow has a little retro hint on the "Diners" of the 1950s and 1960s can call the past in force with a few layers of paint on vintage furniture decades. Do not worry, paint scratches, without damage to the furniture made of solid wood hidden underneath, and you will be one day in its original color table "grandma" when you're in the mood again. Decorate yellow

Storage of saffron

Often located in the basement, family room may lack natural light. One way to increase the impression of size and brightness of the room is, of course, by infusion of yellow! As I mentioned to you, yellow attracts light and diffuse generous in space, the increase in fact the feeling of clarity and space, two factors that weigh heavily in the balance sheet deco. Sources: Completely Coastal, My Luscious Life, Rugs Direct, One Kings Lane, sketch 42

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