Deco tips for organizing home office

Recent surveys show; more and more people accept, lower-paid jobs to work closer to home and avoid traffic jams every morning and evening. So many workers to prioritize their lives against the financial benefits by choosing to work from home. You work from home or often overtime at home? Here are some tips to maximize the decorative design of your office and help you to be well organized and productive.

Vertical storage

Office - Deco tips for organizing home office Source: antiquette Maximize every inch of your workplace by organizing elements on the walls. This "clipettes" signs plastered switching scrapbooking style are also a decorative element, as convenient to store processed small notes, letters and invoices.


design tips - Deco tips for organizing home office Source: BHG Ha famous binder dies! Not very nice of this page, unless ... Painted interesting color or covered with a coating, such as stickers wrap my kitchen cabinets a new look. You can then Utilities united against one another and make due application to a worktop made of granite, marble, Arborite or butcher block.

Hidden memory

Featured - Deco tips for organizing home office

Source: BHG some cheap shelves everything you need to maximize the cabinet in the office store. The shelves can be inexpensive, but make sure that you anchored to use in the walls, so that they do not fall the solid. Storage boxes made uniform colors standardize all your stationery, in addition to properly collect the accessories.

Rethink, kitchen cabinets

decorating ideas - Deco tips for organizing home office Source: Always maximize Bright & Beautiful with a view of the storage space, you should upper kitchen cabinets. With its gull-wing doors, they are convenient, accessible and above all, they hide all your stuff in no time!

Go to the bar

arrangement - Deco tips for organizing home office Source: Every girl It seems intuitively against the bar and operates speak in the same sentence .... not yet! A wagon or trolley on wheels are two perfectly utilitarian objects that you want to keep handy sink objects. You can send a second near your corner "encounter", where you can keep a collection of tea and some sweets glasses for small sugar rushes afternoon.

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