Beautiful balconies

Architektur - Beautiful balconies Whether you rent or own and live in the city or suburbs, balconies are a great addition to a building. They offer the perfect transition between the interior and the wilderness and space to add a wonderful architectural element. Beautiful balconies The word balcony is Italian and comes from the word meaning Balcone part. Technically, it is simply a platform that is protected by railings or rail. The great thing about a balcony is that they have historically been used as a soap box or stage, to hold ceremonies or public announcements. And modern balcony is much more informal, dynamic and spacious. A place to relax, sunbathe, pontification, a breath of fresh air, a different perspective of what lies ahead, and maybe even a combination of love. Face it, there was no balcony there would be no Romeo and Juliet ... or at least his story would not have been so great! Beautiful balconies

The following are some really cool that the different styles and expressions are functions balconies. Some of them are easy to slip into the mode of relaxation for the whole afternoon or electrify you with its stunning views of the countryside. In all cases, you will surely be surprised, so enjoy ... Beautiful balconiesBeautiful balconiesBeautiful balconiesBeautiful balconiesBeautiful balconiesBeautiful balconies

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