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Are you looking for ideas for bathroom? This, of what will be discussed today, comes from the botanical designer Amkoto Azuma. Naruse-Inokuma Architects has given him so much, to create a beautiful bathroom is covered from top to bottom with green leaves. Temporary space was then presented to architects Naruse Inokuma fair. It is made of transparent glass floors, green walls, which are covered with leaves. These are the clear white contrasting color body. Exposure

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Gartengestaltung - Bathroom Ideas - Creating Japanese outdoor bath The project's display name is not Gokujo stable. Literally means "Au├čenordentlichkeit area." Makozo Azuma and Naruse Inokuma Architecture worked with the manufacturer YPP AP. In addition, they committed the bathroom manufacturer TOTO Toilet. They seem to have really showed their potential on the basis of this small bathroom. They showed how much you lose when you do not pay enough attention to this. While the final work was worth it, we are on Fresh Ideas Bathroom Ideas -. Outdoor sinks Wohnideen - Bathroom Ideas - Creating Japanese outdoor bath Bathroom outdoor Japanese style Bathroom Ideas - Creating Japanese outdoor bath Were you able to learn from this example, large bathroom ideas? Did you become curious to know about the designer? So let us all learn more about him. We can on its website. Already on the home page, we see how original are the individual works this botanical creator. They all seem unique to their character and may serve as sources of inspiration. It seems not to challenge established hierarchies in the design of the house in question. In a very representative rather minor and can not afford, it completely overwhelmed with the plant world space. It may not benefit. In the interiors designed classic designs, however, the plants appear like a painted background paper. Impressive are also the great modernist models that pair the cold of the precious metal with the living plants in nature. This combination can be found in many variations. In part, this is a beautiful meadow in front of a contemporary building of metal and stainless steel, or you are dealing with a hint of cabinet aquarium. In a third case, succulent hanging like birds in a cage. Enjoy an outdoor shower Bathroom Ideas - Creating Japanese outdoor bath Which designer's work you find most impressive?