Antiques and flea market finds that the value

Of course there are the fabulous Faberge eggs, fetch astronomical sums in antique markets and auction. But we all bargain hunters he gives aspiring objects that we desire, and with whom we can hope for is to make a few dollars profit on resale? Certainly! Some antiques and flea market finds much to see in fashion today! Decoration - Antiques and flea market finds that the value Source: Squidoo


decorating ideas - Antiques and flea market finds that the value Source: Etsy classic 50s and 60s furniture, teak furniture are now in high demand. Increasingly difficult to find in good condition - as they are often only goes this species of exotic wood - Scandinavian furniture are very popular and very easy to sell at good prices. If you are looking for teak furniture for your home, or if you want to sell on the vintage market, consider these points of interest:
  • We often confuse the rosewood (often mistakenly called "Rosewood" because the literal translation of the English word Rosewood) for teak. Equally exotic and from the same period, the actual design, rosewood has some differences in their grain and color, darker.
  • Look for furniture that inscriptions reveals originate. Entries Scandinavian countries such as Denmark and Sweden added value to the furniture.


Design Trends - Antiques and flea market finds that the value

Source: Matchbook also known as "acrylic" or "Plexiglas" Lucite, a form of composite plastic is very strong and transparent. In the 30s invented, this material has seen his popularity reached its peak in the 60s and 70s, while the disco and glamor were a way of life. The beauty of Lucite, if it's good, of course, is that it does not yellow over time. This means that it is still possible to find in the market for products in very good condition, with a nearly flawless transparency. These elements are very valuable and are highly sought after.

Louis XV

Antiques and flea market finds that the value Source: Victoria McGinley reigning in France from 1643 to 1715, the Sun King pardoned the Court of France for its exquisite taste for fine furniture, and his legacy in this area is still happy decorating. The Louis XV style is a style that could be described as female, because it is mainly characterized by its lightness, which was a big change in the area of ​​very massive and austere furniture before. The style of Louis XV was initially attributed to the construction of the chair, chairs and loveseats, and all the arts of his time influence then. Although this art objects of great value if you have the chance, a chair or a couch at the time, do things in a contemporary fabric and put value into your home. Its value is equal to the appreciation that we have. I said that my cabinet of great value is behind glass or in a cellar no one.

Antique Carpets

Antiques and flea market finds that the value Source: Aesthetica Kilim Persian Dhurrie Navajo Afghan or Moroccan - to name just a few - the old carpets have a high decorative value in a room, but also on the market. In order to maintain their status, place them on the walls or on less frequently used areas of the house. If your carpet Fund turns out to be rather than old vintage, please convert pillows. Or it. Than fabric for a bench at the end of the bed or chair for a small additional charge Originality guaranteed!

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