Architektur - A modern house in Sydney

Pergola canopy crowns modern house in Sydney

Is there anything more refreshing than an outdoor lounge, which provides compensation Elementen- and covered a quiet place of refuge? Just such a person is created in the Coogee residence in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. He made the most of available space and offers great interaction between the inside and outside. Instead of being solely focused on the interior design was chosen by a different approach, much cooler. It has expanded the living area to the back yard, thanks to the fabulous pergola glass roof. Exposure

Coogee residence – a draft croquettes Tanner Architects Denton

Moderne Architektur - A modern house in Sydney The roof is supported on a steel frame and allows ease of pergola. So the family has the opportunity to eat outside and relax. Most modern Pergolas have the ability to transform into a fully functional environment for outdoor living. One created by correspondence and other decorative glass highlights. It manages thereby to bring the whole architecture of a different level. The installation of the serene water also contributes to peace in the region. On the sliding glass doors that extend to double height, we arrive in a large dining room. The lower level of the house contributes to the creation of an intelligent life space. In addition, it housed a modern well equipped kitchen with Seevierbereich here. Interaction between the inside and outside Residenz - A modern house in Sydney It has lots of wood attached to the frame using the floor and ceiling. They wanted to provide warmth and grandeur. A visually attractive staircase leads to the upper floor, where, among other pieces, bedroom and bathroom are located. Stylish and creative Coogee home is a perfect example of how to make the show beyond the four walls on. This has kept the simplicity and style perfectly! Fabulous glass roof Pergola A modern house in Sydney Healthy living A modern house in Sydney Wood use A modern house in Sydney Staircase visually appealing A modern house in Sydney Modern home office provided A modern house in Sydney Bathroom A modern house in Sydney