A house in the clouds

Decorating tips - A house in the clouds Perched on top of a New York building, this apartment has a versatile and idyllic landscape both. A mix of punchy colors and shapes to large proportions, the princesses ... dream big and small! Room - A house in the clouds Even before he in the gorgeous house is the foot terrace (real grass), draws attention to itself. Huge flower boxes decorate their scope and contain small shrubs that keep some semblance of privacy to the owner to help the residence. color trend - A house in the clouds

In the living room, they are great traits of boldness that the decor with mismatched chairs, but still arranged, a mixture of colors from gray to mustard, turquoise and red, and the treatment of flooring and ceiling color that is afraid of nothing . decorating ideas - A house in the clouds Same scenario in the hall, which houses nothing but a console graphics and fascinating curves on which some books and small flowers of the season. Also in the field of yellow, this is the little girl's room, which (in my opinion) has "steal the show". When was the last time you saw a poster bed that size? Occupy the entire airspace over the bed, it is both visually interesting and enveloping with its selection of different fabrics inside and out. Flanked by two libraries tailored, the bed comes into its own and allows the little princess who lived there, hiding his books and treasures. A house in the clouds Tell me what you think of this house ... it's too much for your taste? Would you be willing to incorporate some aspects, or all you (budget permitting)? Leave me your comments and let me know your opinion. Source: Vogue

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